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Seminars, annual action plan 2015
On 4-5 June 2557, the Office of Education.
General seminar preparation of the Action Plan.
FY 2015 to develop a plan. And encourage people
to participate in the plan accordingly.
The analysis Synthesized the information into consideration. Elements related Include
organizational analysis In order to know the current
condition of the organization.
Department of the Office of General Education
Academic Mission Group
Mission Management Group

   Meeting following the implementation of the plan.
Executive Office of General Education aims to work proactively.
Monitoring the performance and conduct based projects.
Plan 2014 for 6 months.
 Procedure considered by the principles of good governance.
Office of General Education Held a meeting to consider action on the job
by Governance principles. Focused on the links of the procedure and in accordance with the principles of good governance. Involvement of all
personnel in the comments. And to support the Management of
the Office of General Education.
   Knowledge management activities philosophical topics General Education is taught how to evaluate the results.
Knowledge Management Institute of the 1st. Study,led by Assoc.Prof
Suparp Na Nakara Director of General Education. The participants
consisted of New instructors teaching general education.
   Activities to convey the measure into practice.
Office of General Education Meeting topics inherited a measure to
practitioners. Both the Teachers and staff An important part in running
the organization and received. Responsible for a measure that is consistent
with the work load. And this time Has signed with top management of the


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